Being Agile @ Berkeley

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Agile Brown Bags are held twice a month from 12-1:30. See this calendar for upcoming brown bags, and our recordings and resources from our previous events.

Agile is a mindset and a practice of project management.

Based on the Agile Manifesto, the principles of Agile at Berkeley are:

- Prioritize individuals and interactions over processes and tools.
- Focus on working solutions over comprehensive documentation.
- Achieve specified and measurable benefits.Collaborate with mutual accountability and respect.
- Understand the business, technical, and cultural context in which campus systems and
  services operate.
- Adapt quickly to changing campus needs.

Agile management isn't just for software management. In a period of rapid economic and technological change, the use of Agile principles and practices can empower campus project teams to respond to challenges rapidly while remaining flexible. By employing  Agile practices, university staff can more efficiently design, develop, and deliver excellent services to the members of our campus community and help UC Berkeley thrive as a world leader in higher education.


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